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Residential Home Construction – Codes & Pricing

For most if not all of us, purchasing a home will be one of the largest investments we may make in our lifetime. This can certainly be an expensive proposition, but if we choose to construct our home from the ground up the financial cost can be even more imposing. The cost to do this can vary from place to place, and in this article we will be discussing costs associated with residential and custom home builders in Edmond, OK, and in Oklahoma City in general.

Accurately predicting the price of building a home is one of the main reasons why it is a good idea to be up to date on the many different costs which go into building your dream home. Not only do these costs vary from state to state and municipality to municipality, in many instances they can and do change from one year to the next. Having a working knowledge of the costs associated with new construction in your area can mean the difference between finishing your home on time and with all the amenities which you previously planned for, or facing budget shortfalls which could threaten the completion of the project.

This subject naturally raises some interesting questions, in this case specifically concerning residential home construction building codes and pricing in central Oklahoma. What are some of the coding requirements for home construction, and what are some of the associated costs? And, how do these costs compare to those in nearby areas? Lets answer these questions.

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Construction codes can sometime seem to be prohibitive and expensive, and sometimes they are. But, these codes have been put in place to try to ensure that residential structures are fit for habitation, safe, and fit into the overall infrastructure of the community at large. As such, they are a necessary burden. The process for new residential construction includes site planning approval, Zoning Commission review and planning approval, and City Council approval, after which the building plans are submitted to the building code inspection department.

Once the plans for new construction of any kind have been approved, a permit is issued for the construction project, and fees will be payable upon pickup of the permit in question.

The code conformities for which permits are granted govern aspects of residential construction including electrical systems, structure, plumbing, and others. In Edmond, as in many other communities, it is a requirement to connect to available utilities such as electric, sewer, and water if they are available on the proposed plot of land.

The codes and the costs are many and varied, and here we will provide an exhaustive list of those that you need to be aware of before pursuing any new construction projects.

For any building permit for any dwelling unit, there needs to be a review of the plan. The fee for this at this time is $ 90.00.
For swimming pools of either the above or below ground variety, the fee is $75.00.
For storm shelters, the fee is $ 35.00.
Re-inspection fees run from $ 50.00 to $ 100.00.
Drive approach fees are $ 30.00.
Temporary certificates of occupancy are $ 75.00.
Address not posted fees are $ 25.00
Erosion and lack of trash fees are $ 60.00
Structure demolition fees are $ 100.00
Retaining wall fees are $ 75.00
Water meter installation fees vary according to whether they are installed privately or by the city. They run between $ 213.00 and $1500.66.
Water capacity fees run between $ 1100.06 and $ 2100.77.
Sewer capacity fees run between $ 654.00 and $ 1027.00.


Oklahoma state law is relatively consistent, so fees tend to run in the same price range. That being said, anyone wishing to pursue new residential construction in a nearby community should always look into the local pricing structure.

In conclusion, those wishing to retain the services of residential and custom home builders in Edmond in particular, and Oklahoma at large, will be well served by their detailed knowledge of the costs associated with new residential construction.

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